Yikes! Tyga Owes $1M in Taxes From When He Dated Kylie Jenner!

Tyga, “Rack City” crooner, Kylie Jenner’s ex and Blac Chyna’s baby daddy apparently owes the U.S. government almost a whopping  $1 million in unpaid taxes.

According to The Blast, Tyga did not pay taxes from 2011-2016, which coincidentally was the duration of his relationship with Miss Jenner.

The State of California Franchise Tax Board recently filed documents against Tyga, with back taxes totalling up to $890,183.57 over the last seven years. At that time, the pair were not official but they had met, become friends and kept their relationship under wraps until Kylie turned 18 in 2015.


Tyga and Ky-ky were in a beautiful Instagram and Snapchat selfie worthy relationship until the end of 2016 when they began having issues and called it quits; they broke up and got back together several times until Kylie broke it off in April 2017.

Since Kylie broke it off, Tyga has been through many financial woes including having his two fancy cars repoed, being slammed with a $186,000 judgement and settling his $280,000 debt to Jason the Jeweler in Beverly Hills and his many squabbles over child support with Baby Mama Chyna.

Why didn’t Kylie remind her man to pay his taxes though? We all know the IRS doesn’t play with tax evaders!

Pay up Ty-Ty!.


Image Via: Billboard.com


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