Itsekiri Chief pays bride price after the death of his first love

A Highly placed Itsekiri chief, Thomas Ereyitomi, has reportedly gone to pay the bride price of the first woman in his life, Caroline Okorodudu, who died a few weeks ago.

In reference to the Facebook user, Charles Pemu, Ereyitomi and Caroline were lovers for many years and parents to their own kids. Thomas tastes in woman upgraded as he left his first love for other women and then he got married to someone else.

Caroline died mysteriously, the Chief decided he wanted to throw her a huge burial. However, the family of the deceased said they can only allow him bury their sister if he pays her bride price.

According to Pemu, the chief on Sunday November 25th, led a delegation of his family members to the home of the deceased to pay her bride price so he can bury her as his wife. Charles further commented on his Facebook as follows;

Medicine After Death as Chief Thomas Ereyitomi finally paid bride price on the corpse of Madam Caroline Okorodudu, an honourable act that he should have done when she was alive if only he weren’t irresponsible: Note that the bride price on the death of Madam Caroline was paid on Sunday 25th November 2018, in Pa. Roger Okorodudu’s residence located at Ogiyide. I thought some of his apologetic admirers and sycophantic loyalist were attacking me by claiming he had earlier married the lady before he was bestowed upon a chieftaincy in the land? Well, Madam Caroline Okorodudu can now be addressed as Mrs Caroline Ereyitomi, a status she was denied when alive but given after her death.


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