Since time immemorial, ‘Love’ has been one of the most thought about and talked about emotions. The reason for the same is simple, we talk the most about those things which we are not able to understand. And, all of us fall short when it comes to understanding love. It is also one of the most complicated of all emotions known to man. Since, we are not able to explain the intricacies of love to ourselves, we stay confused throughout life regarding this aspect of human emotion. Valentines day is yet another occasion when we all love to talk about ‘Love’, or, when some of us will say ‘I Love You’.

Being able to express ones feelings to the people who matter the most in our lives is a task which is not easy for everyone. Some of us are bound to be more expressive than others. Then there are others among us who find it especially difficult to explain their love to the person who needs to know about it before anyone else.

When to Do It

The first thing is to be sure of yourself, do you really love the person to whom you are about to say the three magic words. ‘I Love You’ is not a phrase to be taken lightly. So, say it when you know that you really mean it from the bottom of your heart.

Right Time and Place

Now that you know that what you are feeling for someone is genuine, the next important step is to decide on the time and place. This Valentines day should remain the most special for the one you love, if your ‘to be Valentine’ wants to be loved and pampered, or you yourself want the expression to become memorable for life, choose the correct time and place for the proposal. This helps in setting the mood for the occasion and you never know that that might tilt the answer in your favour, if nothing else.

How To Say It

Now that you know that you are well prepared in terms of the time and the venue. The next step is how to go about saying it. The best way to do it is to be as forthright as possible. Say it with flowers, gifts or chocolates or through the written word to add charm to the occasion. Personalised and thoughtfully done valentines gifts are the best choice when it comes to making this day last in your memories forever.

Be Prepared

It is natural to feel skeptical and more so if you do not know how the other person will react. But, either ways, one should always be strong enough to take any answer in their stride. After all, it always is better to not keep yourself and the other person guessing. Then whatever maybe the result, there will never be any regrets in life.

It is often said ‘Better late than never’. So, do it this Valentines day, tell someone that you love them before it is too late or before the whole meaning of it is lost somewhere with time.

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