Release Date: 02 December, 2017
2 Episodes

The ease with which our personalities pour out their innermost desires, insecurities, lessons and hope for the future is the hallmark of this show with Oscar the bartender. Each episode is packed with never been heard stories that lets you into the world of these personalities. A little therapy never hurt nobody.

Oscar the Bartender through easy open ended questions that give his guests the opportunity to state their position on contentious topics, dispel or confirm rumors as well as address issues that need clarification. The bartender understands how to build relationships with his interviewees and get them to share unheard or misconstrues stories about themselves.

Episodes are packed with though provoking opinions, life stories, societal concepts and ideologies from the view point of guests on the show. The interview is very conversational and Oscar manages to slip in hard questions that are welcomed by guests as they never feel pressured to talk about issues they would prefer not to discuss.

Show Times

SILVERBIRD TV: THURS 11:00pm- 11:30pm

EBONYLIVE TV:  MON – FRI 5:00pm- 6:00pm

AIT NETWORKING: TUE – FRI 5:00pm- 6:00pm