From Engineering to media to advertising and enterprise, Oscar is a man of many parts all geared towards one goal… you meet Oscar? you have an epic experience!!! He is a  professional Compere helping others through his academy;

He has over 13 years of experience in radio across 3 local stations and BBC as  a producer and presenter of nationally syndicated radio shows for the youth (FLAVA) and the citizen (TALK YOUR OWN, Make Naija Better- a weekly magazine show that improves awareness among Nigerians of how dialogue can be used to solve conflict)

His passion for radio spilt to television where his engineering and media worlds collided and gave birth to “The Quizmaster”  becoming the host of a nationally syndicated television show; COWBELLPEDIA now in its 3rd year that tests children’s maths skills.

He has always believed in the power of media and its ability to effect positive change and is on a journey to know how best to achieve this. He is currently the director of Vibeoo (the “Netflix” of Radio content in Nigeria) where he brings all his administrative and creative skills to bear.

He’s a foodie and a huge people person.

@oscarinthecity on Instagram and Twitter

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