She began her eventful adventure with an initial focus in Mental Science and received a B.A. in Psychology in the US. The fashion enthusiast then relocated to Nigeria to explore its fashion scenes and elements. As a styling strategist at Africa Fashion Week Nigeria, she grew a warm fondness for the indigenous trend and style in the Nigerian fashion industry.

With a fitting background in Fashion Week, Tiffany opted for a more hands-on approach in fashion analysis, and landed her maiden spot on TV as a guest on the Wedding Police.

Discovering a knack for presenting and a thrill for the cameras, Tiffany featured in some of Wedding Channel`s most buzzing Television shows like Link Up, Wedding Police and Sisi Eko. Gaining more grounds as a media personality, Wedding Channel Africa introduced her as the new host of Wedding Police.

Coupled with a modelling and blogging career, Tiffany is determined to explore all forms of arts and entertainment.

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Being in love with the Arts her whole life, Marycolette Unamka joined the entertainment scene in 2013 as a model. She has featured in TV commercials for telecommunication brands and more. In 2016, she took on her debut acting role as ‘Onome’ in the popular web series on RedTv “Our Best Friend’s Wedding”

After her graduation from the University of Lagos in 2017 where she studied Human Resource Management, Marycolette decided to take her love for the arts a step further by going on to host Wedding News, work behind the scenes producing shows like Wedding on a Budget, Clicks and The Wedding Playlist as well as work as the official Voice Over Artiste for Wedding Channel Africa.

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From Engineering to media to advertising and enterprise, Oscar is a man of many parts all geared towards one goal… you meet Oscar? you have an epic experience!!! He is a  professional Compere helping others through his academy;

He has over 13 years of experience in radio across 3 local stations and BBC as  a producer and presenter of nationally syndicated radio shows for the youth (FLAVA) and the citizen (TALK YOUR OWN, Make Naija Better- a weekly magazine show that improves awareness among Nigerians of how dialogue can be used to solve conflict)

His passion for radio spilt to television where his engineering and media worlds collided and gave birth to “The Quizmaster”  becoming the host of a nationally syndicated television show; COWBELLPEDIA now in its 3rd year that tests children’s maths skills.

He has always believed in the power of media and its ability to effect positive change and is on a journey to know how best to achieve this. He is currently the director of Vibeoo (the “Netflix” of Radio content in Nigeria) where he brings all his administrative and creative skills to bear.

He’s a foodie and a huge people person.

@oscarinthecity on Instagram and Twitter

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With a legal background and passion for entertainment, Adefolake Otudeko started her entertainment career in the UK producing music videos. Upon moving back to complete her legal studies in the Nigerian Law School, Adefolake continued working behind the scenes and producing television shows for the wedding channel; Wedding Police, Sisi Eko, Link Up, Bar Room Therapy, Wedding Playlist and many more. She merged her writing skills with TV by writing the TV series ‘First Time Mom’.

Adefolake decided to put herself in the forefront, by taking her talents to YouTube. Engaging people with her fun, bubbly and energetic personality. She has then gone on to host Wedding Channel’s Link Up and also took on her debut acting role as, Jemima in the TV series “him and her”.

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